VIN Etching Program

Dial 8-4200

Several times a year, our department offers a Vehicle VIN-Etching program to the University community. This program stops the professional thief by stopping his reason for wanting your car. If a thief can't change the identity of your car, it will be harder and more costly for him to sell it. It's far easier to simply steal another vehicle that does not have its windows marked. The vehicle VIN number is etched on each window of your vehicle, making it less desirable to a thief. Police also have a greater chance at recovering your vehicle if the windows are etched.

Your vehicle's VIN number is printed on a label and placed on the vehicle window. A chemical is used to permanently etch the number into the window. The result is a permanent etching of your vehicle VIN number on each window. The etching will not detract from the appearance of your vehicle.

If you are interested in having your vehicle VIN etched, fill out the VINGUARD APPLICATION.

You will be contacted when the next session of VIN-Etching is scheduled.

Note: This service is not provided during the winter months.

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