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Dr Walter L. Brown
Adjunct Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests
Dr. Brown is an Adjunct Professor at Lehigh, having retired from the Materials Research Department at Agere Systems (Bell Laboratories) in 2002. His current research is focused on the mechanical properties of thin metal films. In addition to working on independent projects, Dr. Brown collaborates with Prof. Vinci at Lehigh and researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany .


PhD 1951, MS 1947, Physics, Harvard University
BS 1945, Physics, Duke University

Contact Information

Phone: (610) 758-6879


1984 Von Hipple Award from the Materials Research Society
1986 National Academy of Sciences
1986 National Academy of Engineering.

Specialized characterization tools available in the Nano- and Micro-Mechanical Behavior Laboratory (NMBL)

Nanoindentation Surface imaging, vertical loading, scratch testing, micro/nano-wear, heating to 150 °C
Micro-tensile load frame mN loads, nmµm displacements
Mini-tensile load frame In-situ ESEM testing, 3&4 point bending, tension/compression, 100 & 1000 lbs. load cells, µmmm displacements
Thin film stress/curvature tool Small samples, vacuum to 800 °C, high cooling rate >150 °C/min
Thin film bulge test Up to 300 °C, same sample geometry as membrane resonance system
Nano/Micro-contact tribology apparatus Inexpensive sample design, 20 µN resolution load cell, simultaneous load and contact resistance measurements
Thin film creep measurement by membrane resonance Up to 500 °C, conductive films, film thickness 20-100 nm, stress resolution typically < 1 MPa

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